Inspecting & Testing

Trustworthy electrical inspection in Cheshire and nearby areas

Electrical wiring and connections can come loose over a time. Sockets and switches can get damaged and electrical installations can degrade due to wear and tear. Get in touch with us for electrical testing and inspections. 
new wire installation

Electrical testing by qualified electricians

All inspections are now done on an “Electrical Installation Condition Report” whether for a landlord, a house sale, or if you just want to check the safety of your homes electrics. One of our Electricians will issue you a detailed condition report (EICR) with their findings and explain what this means and if there’s anything you need to do next. 
new wire installation

Our Electrical Installation Condition Report includes: 

  • Electrical inspection by a qualified electrician
  • Electrical testing of appliances and connections
  • Full range of tests carried out
  • A condition report issued 
  • Advice provided on further steps
 Contact us for more details.
Are you facing problems with loose electric connections? Call Cheshire Electrical Services on 
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